What Our Patients Say

What our patients say



We started seeing Dr Rathjen in the mid 90’s to present. Dr Rathjen has done 11 joint replacements on our family all together.  Because of his surgical intervention we have a better quality of life. We  are able to enjoy our families and grandchildren and participate in their everyday activities.


The Widner Family 


Dr. Rathjen and Staff,

I had bilateral knee replacements on December 17, 2013.  If you recall I am an avid cyclist and due to knee discomfort I had to basically stop riding.  My recovery continues to go well and wanted to share the attached photo.  That is me (on the right) completing the Hotter N’ Hell 100 on August 23, 2014 (100 mile ride)!

Thank you for helping me get back on the bike!


Rick Wade – Patient


I wanted to thank Dr. Rathjen and his entire staff for a job well done.  I had hip resurfacing surgery on February 17, 2014 and I recently Hiked the Grand Canyon R2R2R (50+miles).  The new hip worked great.  Thanks again and please let Dr. Rathjen know he has made a huge difference in my life.

Kenny Kick – Patient


Add to your list that a 3 year old BHR has raced an Ironman 70.3 and felt pretty darn good!  Just a sore hip flexor muscle and some tight hamstrings…

Thanks again for putting me back together!!!

Gary Derheim – Patient



I have pretty much played sports all my life. I started a very young age. As an adult I had been playing in a large volleyball league but after years of pain I finally decided I could no longer play, I assumed it just came with age. Also the pain was greater than the enjoyment. After limping for probably over a year I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Rathjen’s office. He was recommended to me by my boss at the time. My first appointment was the day after my 48th birthday. The news was not good. I was told I had the hips of a 70 year old man and would need both hips operated on. Hip Resurfacing was presented to me as my best option because of my age. Step 1 was an injection that had no guarantee of working, it lasted for about 8 months. I weighed my options and I finally decided to have my left side done first (October 2011) because it was the worst. Three months later I had the right side done (January 2012).

Since my surgeries I have talked numerous individuals into having hip surgery. I tell them it is more about the QUALITY of LIFE than dealing with the pain on a daily basis. After facing the fact that I could never play volleyball again I tried water volleyball. The pain was still too great so I held off for a few more years before I would attempt it again. I tried again after about 3 years and there was no pain. This past summer I began to really missing indoor volleyball I finally decided to go back to Dr. Rathjen to just see how I was holding up. He gave me the ok to play again. Since I started playing again I have found I am much more flexible and mobile. The funny thing is, I hurt less now that I have started playing. It is like volleyball worked out off the kinks.

If you are thinking about hip surgery, I HIGHLY recommend it. Was it easy? No, but every day I made improvements and I feel I can do so much more PAIN FREE!

Darrel Loveless – Patient

You are in a good hands....