Forms and Financial Information

Financial Disclosure:

Dr. Rathjen realizes healthcare is expensive. Although he may not have all of the answers, Dr. Rathjen and the office staff work hard to provide all requested financial information. In general, payment for Dr. Rathjen’s surgical services are in the range of conventional hip replacement; $1,300 to $2,000, total knee replacement; $1,300 to $2,000, and knee arthroscopy; $500 to $1,800. In addition to payment paid for professional services from Dr. Rathjen, an additional 16 to 20% of Dr. Rathjen’s fee is added to the total to compensate the physician assistant for surgical assistance.

In an attempt to be completely transparent, Dr. Rathjen wishes to provide information regarding his affiliation with specific services. For decades, physicians owned entities that provided care and service for their patients. These entities include in-office laboratory and imaging studies. Dr. Rathjen does not have an ownership in any laboratory venture. He does own the X-ray machine in the office so that he may provide immediate, high-quality radiographs for his patients. He does not have ownership in other X-ray services, such as MRI, CT, or ultrasound.

Dr. Rathjen does have ownership in two hospitals. Both are joint ventures between hospital systems, which own the majority of the hospital, and individual physicians who work at the hospital. The hospitals are Baylor Uptown and Methodist Hospital for Surgery. Dr. Rathjen’s small ownership interest in these facilities allows him to have a meaningful voice in patient care decisions. It is your option to choose whatever health care facility you prefer.

Dr. Rathjen serves as a consultant for a variety of orthopedic related industry and pharmaceuticals. He previously consulted, or is currently consulting, for Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew, and Stryker. Relationships between the orthopedic profession and industry are necessary to further technology and provide professional evaluation of products.

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